Simplicity inspires everything we do at Becca Haf, and nowhere is this more true than in the design of our leather goods. Nothing is superfluous: from material selection to individual design details and fittings, each feature has been chosen for its role in enhancing both function and aesthetic value.


Becca Haf products are made using only the highest grade vegetable-tanned leathers. We choose our leathers, not only for their beauty and quality, but also with environmental impact in mind. We also believe that our products should be built to last - not thrown away after just one season - so we use leathers that will age beautifully with continued use.

Leather is an organic substance, so each hide is unique, which means that no two Becca Haf bags are identical. We embrace the tonal variations across skins and the perfect imperfections that make leather such a special material to work with.


Tanning is the process of converting raw animal hides into leather. The vast majority of leather today is produced using a modern method of chemical chrome-tanning, a fast process that was developed to allow for the mass production of leather goods. Vegetable tanning, in contrast, is an ancient method that can be practiced only by skilled craftsmen. It’s a slow process that uses specific combinations of natural ingredients like tree bark and plant extracts to tan the leather. Vegetable tanning is a time-consuming and expensive process, and very few tanneries have the patience or skill to produce vegetable-tanned leather. However, the end result is an environmentally-friendly product, which retains all of its natural beauty. Vegetable-tanned leather changes continuously and ages beautifully, developing a unique patina over time with regular use.


We prefer to use minimal hardware on our leather products, but the pieces we do use serve both form and function. Our solid aluminium rivets are extra strong and we use them in the areas of the bag that undergo the most daily stress: the handles, straps, and flaps.

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